Sunday, 21 June 2015

Super Sunday! #1

Super Sunday! #1

So today I started off with a cycle on the static bike to get my blood pumping.
I then worked through two workout videos (Here’s the links if you’d like to give them a go) –

I also made a little motivational playlist to listen to while I workout that I’ll be updating every now and then, so if you’d like to use it to, then here it is.

I then just did some stretches to improve my flexibility. Unfortunately, I find that straddle against a wall no longer stretches me, so I laid on my back and did straddle against the wall that way, letting gravity pull my legs down. At a push I can get my legs flat!

While I stretched I listened to calming music and read my book.
Next, I went onto my squats, I did my usual routine although I pushed myself to do 20 squats instead, now I feel definite that I can bump my usual routine up to 20 squats a time!

I think tomorrow there should be an update that’s not all about fitness as I’m going shopping with my mum, I’ll let you know what I get. Also, I have prom on Friday!! I’m both excited and half worried, but I’ll keep you posted <3 

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