Monday, 22 June 2015



So today my mum and I went shopping, mainly to get me some pointe shoes, clothes for 6th form and to ensure I was all set for Prom (Which is this Friday! Woah!)
Tomorrow I may do a post on clothes you can wear to sixth form if I can get some good ideas together! Although today could have gone better because we could find any knee length dresses anywhere! Maybe because it's not school shopping season, but I was also feeling quite ill, so it was becoming a drag :(

Also I quite like how I did my make up today, so I thought I'd share how I did it with you!
It's quite a dark, yet sweet look and suited the cloudy weather.

  • I used a browny-copper colour on the outer v of my eye to create depth to my eyes.
  • I also used white eye shadow on the inner corners of my lids and along my brow bone to lighten my eyes and to add highlights. 
  • I only used a thin line of liquid liner with a subtle flick to give the illusion of fuller longer lashes.
  • I added just a little eyeliner on my lower lash line to balance my eyes. I added mascara to my outer lashes to create natural yet giving the illusion that your eyes are bigger and seeming more innocent. 
  • I did rounder brows with not so many harsh angles, to make them seem more child-like and innocent. I made the brows a tad darker to match the dark copper in my eye shadow. 
  • To compliment the colours I used a dark red lip liner to fill my lips, especially focusing on the corners with a red lipstick. Making your cupids bow rounder will give a sweet and innocent feel. 

To compliment this look I added a black headband with a side bow.
Thank you for reading and I hoped you liked my little make up tutorial <3

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