Tuesday, 30 June 2015



Okay so sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but I’ve been getting ready for and partying at prom! So to make it up, here’s a big post about how a prepped and what happened!

The day before...

So this day I spent relaxing and reading, so I had no acne or dark circles from stress, etc. ( I must say my skin was looking really good on the day ).

I also practiced my makeup and arranged it ready for the next day.
Here's how it looked!

I had a nice hot bubble bath and made sure to shampoo and condition my hair a LOT so it looked really nice condition. When I got out the bath I treated my skin with a generous amount of moisturiser and used lovely smelling body butter <3, especially my favourite strawberry smelling one! Also, I plucked my brows and put lip balm on, to make putting my make up on easier.
My sister painted my nails in a colour to match my dress then I tried to get an early night (although I was up most of the time thinking about prom).

The next morning...

I did some yoga (focusing on butt, thighs and abs) then took a shower.  I used a cream on my skin that evens out skin tone and a little glitter in it to make your skin look more flawless and better in pictures. I put on my favourite perfume and had a big lunch as I wasn’t going to be eating any dinner.

I got my hair done by my friend who does hair dressing and it was beautiful! She did an amazing job even though my hair didn’t want to co-operate xD. (See picture on right).

When I got home, I did my makeup how I practiced and used false lashes for the first time! But I think I did an okay job! Once I was in my dress and had all my jewelry on we picked up my friend to go to the Bentley that took us to school.

This is how I looked when I had 
finished putting it all together.

When we arrived...

Everyone turned up and one at a time our vehicle drove to the red carpet and we got pictures with our car and with the head mistress and previous head master. 

Upon arrival we got a buck’s fizz and waited for everyone to arrive. We got pictures done in a professional photography set up (Which I've not been able to get my hands on yet, unfortunately) and went into the main hall where tables were set up with trays of food (Shhh, but I ate all the mini pizzas), so we ate while they announced some awards. 

Of course I didn’t get any, but after prom king and queen were announced we got up and did some dancing! We took loads of pictures and took some pictures in a photo booth they had set up for us! 

After a while, we had some ice cream from the ice cream van and enjoyed each other’s company, reliving some memories before going to dance again.
When it got to the end of the night, they called us outside for a fireworks display, which was absolutely beautiful! I’ve never seen such a big display in all my life, and the fireworks were so big, the little light that remained after the explosion surrounded is and it was so pretty! It honestly felt like something out of a film and I honestly felt so happy! Especially after recent changes in my life, I felt so full of love and happiness and as cheesy as this sounds, I felt like I could take on the world.
This night helped me realise what I really need in life to make me happy, which is to surround yourself with those who don’t judge you, love you for who you are and are happy to be in your company. Don’t care what people think. There’s one quote that I now live by, and it’s written on the walls of my bedroom.

Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
Sing like nobody’s listening,

Live like it’s heaven on Earth. 

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