Saturday, 20 June 2015

Getting In Shape Week 1!

Getting in shape Week 1! -

Starting off-

I intend to build on this routine, but I’m taking baby steps on working myself up.
So, I want to focus mainly on my butt for the upcoming summer, so I’ve been doing a squat routine when I wake up and this is what I started with-
  • 15 Ski Squats
  • 5 second break
  •  1 minute squat hold
  • 5 Second break
  • 15 Sumo Squats

I then take about a 1 minute break and repeat until I’ve done the routine 3 times.
Next week I'll be bumping it up to 20 squats!

I also wanted to practice my sit ups and planks so I started off with 30 sit ups and a 30 second long plank, and each day I’ll try to beat that! Hopefully this will work on my core a bit at the same time!

After this week I have noticed a little difference as my shorts that were once too tight now fit better than before ! Hopefully they will fit nicely soon!

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